RENT THE BRAIN OF AN AD MAN. In today’s transformative marketplace, business owners are bombarded with an inordinate amount of marketing industry speak. To break through this climate of communications clutter and conformity, businesses require someone with something REMARKABLE; iDEAs and concepts that create impact and awareness, that truly RESONATE, demanding the attention of target audiences and generating sales. Working with small business owners, entrepreneurs, and start-ups, Kevin's innovative yet practical approach to Marketing & Advertising Coaching includes a total Left Brain (LOGIC) AND Right Brain (CREATIVE) experience.

As your Marketing & Advertising Coach, Kevin delivers; revolutionary thinking, best practices, proven processes, tools, tech, trends, methods, and more. RENT THE BRAIN OF AN AD MAN Marketing & Advertising Coaching Subscriptions WILL elevate your brand, accelerate your business growth, and protect and optimize your Marketing & Advertising spend while keeping you and your business ... TOP-OF-MIND. Take advantage of Kevin's BRAIN and his 39 years of innovative Advertising & Marketing experience. As a Coach and Advocate, Kevin has the experience, the resources, the creativity, the iDEAs, and the robust knowledge base to help you navigate the ever-changing Marketing & Advertising landscape. 


WE OFFER TWO DIFFERENT RENT THE BRAIN OF AN AD MAN MARKETING & ADVERTISING COACHING OPTIONS. Please review and select the option that best fits your current Marketing & Advertising requirements. 


  • Thalamus Think Tank; Book any number of Marketing & Advertising Coaching hours with this option. You can use this time to work with Kevin in a myriad of ways; a series of one-on-one calls, a team Think Tank, ask Kevin to develop new marketing iDEAs based on a particular medium, review marketing agreements or contracts, develop new promotional campaigns and concepts, provide recommendations on strategic marketing planning, media buys, digital/social media marketing, brand identity development, etc, etc. You pick the Marketing & Advertising subject matter and Kevin WILL DELIVER.

The RENT THE BRAIN OF AN AD MAN Marketing & Advertising Coaching Hourly Subscription includes a discounted consulting hourly rate of $84.95. 


  • Cerebral MOREtexts; 24/7 Ask Me Anything (AMA) via subscription email or text. 

  • Gray Matters eNewsletter; Receipt of the Rent The Brain Of An Ad Man exclusive monthly eNewsletter filled with tips, trends, and iDEAs to help create top-of-mind awareness for your business.

  • Brain Wave Virtual Confab; One (1), 30-minute virtual meeting (per month) to review any Marketing & Advertising subject you would like to discuss.  

  • PitYOUitary Against Your Competitive Set Review; At the start of the subscription engagement, Kevin will conduct a competitive set review, providing a PitYOUitary Against Your Competitive Set Recommendations Brief regarding positioning, unique selling/value proposition and conveyance of your brand throughout various marketing asset(s).
  • Medulla Marketing Resources Library Access: Subscribers get exclusive access to a library of Marketing & Advertising resources that will FEED YOUR BRAIN, grow your business, and  provide greater insight into marketing trends, tools, and more. 

All this for only $194.95 per month. All you need do is complete the form below and we will be in touch within 48-hours to get started. 

Coaching Option(s) are pre-billed at the start of each month via credit card. There are no long-term contracts to sign. You can cancel at anytime with a 30-day written notice.