Create meaningful engagement with Truly Remarkable community-based Digital marketing Campaigns That Generate Leads, Create tremendous Awareness For Your Brand, your business, product/services And More.

Creating remarkable campaigns and quality leads is the goal of any business. However, finding the talent and time to develop truly innovative lead-based campaigns that keep your brand and business top-of-mind is time consuming. Fortunately, the team at Rii has a vast library of one-of-a-kind digital campaign(s) to choose from, presented in a unique Digital Marketing Campaign Subscription format. Our subscription will provide you with campaign(s) on a monthly basis, guaranteed to boost your business bottomline. Our Digital Marketing Campaign Subscription Will: 

  • Produce year-round pipeline prospects, leads and sales.
  • Create tremendous community engagement, as well as, brand and services awareness.
  • Help you build your CRM for greater re-marketing opportunities.

introducing our 2022/2023 Digital campaign(s) subscription

All campaigns shown below are customized for your specific marketing requirements, allowing you to focus on your specific business marketing need(s). *The campaigns below are built specifically for those businesses in the following industries; Real Estate Brokerages/Agents, Mortgage Companies, Home Remodeling/Renovation, Home Construction, Collision Repair, Retailers, Auto Dealerships, Home Services, Auto Repair/Maintenance, and Technology Product Sales/Service.  

December 2022 January 2023 February 2023
> Gingerbread House Build-Off > RING In The New Year > heART Of The Home
> Trees 4 KEYS > New Year, New ROOM For Improvement > Try A Little SENDerness
> Time To WREATHINK Your ...  > virCHEWal Reality > BESTimonials
> Don't Be A Party CRASHer > 70% Chance Of Fender DENTers > Be My SALEntine
> WRECK The Halls > SHAREndipity > StreetHEART Of A Sale
  > SHELFies > Operation RESTORE-ation
March 2023 April 2023 May 2023
> Random Acts Of DINEness > Put Your Game Face On/Play Ball > Summertime PITCHnic
> Luck Of The PIErish > April Tools Day > April Showers Bring May Followers
> Have Your Cake & Tweet It Too > Welcome To The NeighborGOOD > MOMumental
> remoDWELLING > How We CoHOPerate > We Love Our ResiDENTS
> Do The Math ... It's Simple ADDITION > DRESSedimonials > ELECommendations
> PETStimonials > POTHOLE Rigamarole > Parks & WRECKreation
  > WISHshield Wipers > WRECKognition
June 2023 July 2023 August 2023
> Random Acts Of DINEness > Celebrate VINdependence Day > Blog Days Of Summer
> DADicated > Founding Fork Father's > Back To SCOOL
> DemoWISHn' > Let Freedom RING > Great Minds Think A ... Bike
> PIEoneering Spirit > Declaration of WINdependence > BRANDom Acts Of Kindness
> BIN There Won That > Happy IndepenDENTS Day > Can't Spell Accident Without 'I DENT'
> NECKommendations > PICKET Click It Win It > mirWRECKle Miles
September 2023 October 2023 November 2023
> Get S'MORE > KNOCKtober > insPIErational Thanksgiving Gatherings
> Random Acts Of WINEness > Try A Little SENDerness > BAKE The Most Of Your Kitchen
> Espresso Yourself > Make Your Home Look GOURDgeous > REQUESTimonials
> CONTESTimonials > COLLIDE-O-Scope > SEWvember
> ENGINEuity > Home WHENovation > INGESTimonials
> Proper MOTORvation > Random Acts Of SIGNness > Locally Owned & SHOPerated 
> Who's Gonna VIN? > TECHommendations > Shopping SHARE-apy

OUR Digital campaign subscription includes everything you need

Our Digital Campaign Subscription is a comprehensive turnkey marketing solution that provides you with a robust month-to-month campaign library, delivered digitally with everything you need to launch and maintain each and every campaign. The Digital Campaign Subscription libraries include: 

  1. Campaign Blueprint/Instructions & Support

    a.)  Instructions and recommendations to execute the campaign on your website, social media marketing, and with local media outlets and asset(s).

    b.)  PR, Social Media, and Website promotional schedule with recommendations regarding promotional posts/distribution calendars and cadence.

    c.)  Unlimited email Q. & A. support to help maintain your campaign. 

  2. Campaign Website Asset(s)

    a.)  Campaign landing page template with intro content, entrant instructions, and entry form that can be easily customized and published on your website. 

    b.)  Campaign Official Rules web page template that can be easily customized and published on your website.

    c.)  Campaign graphic object library of website campaign banners and tiles that can be easily published on your website. 

  3. Campaign Public Relations (PR) Asset

    a.)  Campaign press release template that can be easily customized and distributed to your local media outlets and, published to your website.

  4. Campaign Social Media Marketing Asset(s)
    a.)  Campaign content marketing & syndication series; (8) posts suitable for publishing on your social media asset(s). 

    b.). Campaign graphics objects library; corresponding graphics that will enhance the content series of (8) posts, suitable for publishing on your Facebook and Instagram asset(s).

the campaign, how it works, Etc.

  • YOU ... Sign-up for our Digital Campaign Subscription.
  • WE ... Customize your Campaign Subscription Promotional Package asset(s).
  • WE ... Upload all of your customized Campaign Subscription Promotional Package asset(s) to a shared Google folder, notifying you that your Campaign Subscription Promotional Package asset(s) are ready for use.
  • YOU ... Download all of your customized Campaign Subscription Promotional Package asset(s).
  • YOU ... Follow the blueprint/Instructions to launch and maintain the campaign.

campaign subscription cost.  

Subscription Sign-Up Length ... In order to sign-up for the Rii Digital Campaign Subscription, a minimum registration period of 6 months is required. Afterward, you can choose to enroll in the subscription again or cancel. Rii also will offer a sign-up plan for one year.

Subscription Sign-Up Price ... The cost for sign-up is $344.95 per month.


We're only allowing a select number of campaign subscribers to ensure campaign regional exclusivity. Early adopters are all but guaranteed campaign regional exclusivity. 


If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity or, if you would like to sign-up, please complete the form below. When you do, a representative from Rii will be in touch to answer any questions or begin the subscription process. We look forward to working with you.