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'Olympic translation please'

Coming soon.


'Breaking with tradition'

We have a pretty simple family holiday tradition in our household. The breaking of the Thanksgiving wishbone. Adding insult to injury for our poor guest Tom (turkey), if it wasn't bad enough that he sacrificed himself for our gluttonous gastronomic pleasure, our family, like most, painstakingly carves, consumes, and contemplates the carnivorous consumption of this most prized pre-Christmas carcass.

Later, after we've passed the pie and considered a tryptophantastic post-nap cry, my boys turn their attention to the last surviving intact remnant of old Tom, the wishbone. Except, this is 2020 and it's pretty clear that hopes, dreams, and wishes are non-existent or, ex-WISHtent? True to form in this year of disappointment and defeat, when the dust settled post the official 'Pull, Snap, and Gloat', the lucky winner of this year's Wishbone Windfall is none other than — no one. Not to worry. Raised by die-hard Cub fans, one all too familiar family credo passed on through the years got me through this year, and the great Thanksgiving Wishbone Reckoning of 2020 (as it is now called). That phrase ... wait till next year.