start the year off strong with a one-of-a-kind experiential campaign! Get q1 off to a great start by SENDING A Truly Remarkable prospect lead generation SALES campaign. Our 2023 St. patrick's day campaign we leprecan when otherS leprecan't is AN INNOVATIVE and Impactful Campaign THAT WILL KEEP YOu, your brand and the services/solutions you sell ... TOP-OF-MIND WITH YOUR PROSPECTS. 

The creative minds at Rii have done it again. We LepreCAN When Others LepreCAN'T is a unique, one-of-a-kind experiential sales and marketing experiential campaign that will most assuredly:

  • Generate leads and new prospect outreach opportunities.
  • Create tremendous Q1 2023 brand/business buzz and engagement.
  • Build upon your Q1 2023 and grow your Q2 2023 sales pipeline.
  • Develop new re-marketing opportunities well into the new year.

The idea behind this BRAND NEW experiential sales and marketing campaign begins and ends with one of the most fun and festive  annual holidays; St. Patrick's Day. Irish or not, the world embraces St Patrick's Day as one of their own. Filled with merriment and good times, your customized St. Patrick's Day sale and marketing campaign box will bring a smile to your prospect's face and forever associate YOU with this endearing holiday. Your kind gesture, along with the 'something yummy inside', coupled with your powerful and creative messaging and call to action WILL CREATE LEAD OPPORTUNITIES and more importantly ... SALES!  

Your customized campaign unit(s) will provide your prospects with the following:

  • A custom campaign wrapped pint-sized can housed within a 4" x 4" indestruco kraft shipping box.
  • Found within the can are several individually-wrapped delicious butter mints, decorated with festive holiday sayings.
  • A customized sell sheet that provided details to your prospect regarding your campaign messaging, offer, call to action and complete contact information; name, title, phone, email, and URL.
  • The option to provide and display a QR code that links to a campaign landing page. 
  • A customized sell sheet that provided details to your prospect regarding your campaign messaging, offer, call to action and completed contact information; name, title, phone, email, and URL.
  • A customized St. Patrick's Day limerick, based on the name of your company the products/services your offer.

when you sign up FOR this awesome EXPERIENTIAL Q1 EXPERIENTIAL SALES AND MARKETING CAMPAIGN, YOU GET our usual total turnkey campaign solution and service.

Like all Rii experiential and digital sales & marketing campaigns, we provide EVERYTHING including; campaign concept and customization, kitting of all units, distribution of units and USPS daily tracking allowing you to make timely follow-up calls to your prospects. ALL YOU NEED DO is provide Rii with an approval/order amount, payment method, your list of prospects, your brand id files, and any specific messaging/call to action(s) for campaign customization. WE DO THE REST! 

campaign PER-UNIT PRICE & ordering information.  

  • The 2023 St. Patrick's Day We LepreCAN When Others LepreCAN'T campaign per-unit price is $19.95.
    *This does not include 5.5% sales tax, the standard credit card transaction fee of 3.9% (+$0.49) and individual USPS priority mail postage per-unit (based on prospect destination/shipping address).  
  • The minimum per person order is 10.
  • To sign up/reserve your campaign units, all you need do is complete the form below.
    *A 50% deposit is required within 24 hours of reserving your units.
  • The campaign ordering period is from February 8th through February 21, 2023.
    *You must sign up/reserve your campaign order by 5PM on February 21, 2023.
  • An initial invoice will be issued for the campaign deposit and a final invoice will be provided upon distribution of all units for the remaining balance and the USPS postage. 
  • Campaign units will be shipped to prospects beginning March 1st through March 7th, 2023 to ensure all arrive prior to the St. Patrick's Day holiday.
  • *Landing pages are not part of the campaign kit and are typically created and hosted by our campaign clients.


Simply complete the form below and an representative from Rii will be in touch within 24 hours to complete your order and gather your list, messaging requirements and payment method. Thank you for your consideration.

St. Patrick's Day Experiential Campaign Sign Up/Reservation order form